Our customers can easily convey their complaints, information requests, suggestions or satisfaction directly to us via various available contact channels of our company.

Availability of Information

Our Customers can access the information in return of their requests in the possible fastest way

Fast Feedback

We put highly attention to reply all applications submitted by our customers in the earliest time.

Solution Orientation

We are trying to fulfill the needs of our customers through producing quick and effective solutions.


All applications transmitted to our Company are evaluated through an objective approach which is taken into consideration in the solution process as well.


The use of personal information gathered during the application process is limited by law in line with the principle of confidentiality.

Customer Orientation

Our Company has adopted Customer Orientation Policy which offers the best service facilities and claims fulfilling all the expectations of our customers at the highest level.

Taking Initiative

In order to fulfill the needs of our customers in the earliest time and to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level, our personnel are authorized to take initiatives when necessary.

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