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Uğur Cooling Inc. Co. is a well-established company in the market with freezing and cooling products which are suitable for commercial and home use. Uğur has an important place in the domestic market with its product range, service quality and expertise of cooling, while it exports products to 146 countries in 5 continents in foreign markets with its experience exceeding half a century.

In the adventure, which started with the production of ice cream machines in 1954 in Aydın Nazilli, today, 400,000 m2; active production and warehouse area, more than 2,000 employees and modern and technological production facilities with more than 900 product varieties Uğur offers cooling solutions for home and workplaces.

Uğur Cooling Inc. works as a solution partner to customers with its freezer, cooler, bottle cooler, market cabinets, display departments, ice cream machines and storage cabinets and customized concepts and product varieties according to customers. As a supplier of many world-renowned brands, it develops innovative and technological products thanks to its high R&D investments.

In Turkiye, Uğur Cooling A.Ş., is well known with its generic deep freezer brand “Uğur Derin Dondurucu”, offers home users many different products, especially deep freezers. Upright and chest freezers, refrigerator, water dispenser, water filtration system, microwave and air conditioning products such as nearly 1,000 sales points to the appreciation of consumers, while providing best quality service with close to 250 Uğur Authorized Service Center.

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