Your Winter Preparations Can Damage Your Health!

 your winter preparations can damage your health!

   Keeping food and nutrition during the summer for winter is a tradition that has been in our culture since Central Asia. Especially drying for this purpose prevents loss of aroma and microorganisms in food and nutrients. Food and nutrients that are shrinking in volume after drying can be stored for long periods of time as well as easily stored. The classic drying process is also done with traditional methods, and the winter preparations start from the warm summer months. However, methods such as drying fruits and vegetables under sun light by stringing, unfortunately, can not give the desired results today. Changing humidity ratios as a result of global warming and air pollution do not allow food and vegetables to dry naturally as they used to be. Moreover, foods that are dried by traditional methods do not provide the expected benefits to human health.

Advantages of Using Deep Freezers

More modern and practical methods are now preferred to store food and nutrients for a long time without losing their freshness as the place of the woman in work life becomes more important and their contribution to the economy increases. Making a statement on the subject, Uğur Cooling authorities recommend using Uğur deep freezers for long-term storage, emphasizing the current trend of traditional drying methods. In the explanation that was mentioned many advantages of using Uğur deep freezers “Dried vegetables and fruits do not substitute for fresh ones. In summer, abundant and cheaper food bought from bazaar is more delicious than vegetables grown under artificial conditions. Because Uğur deep freeze does not change the taste of fruits and vegetables. When the frozen foods are dissolved, they continue to maintain their initial taste and nutritional value.”. Authority who reminded that food stored in Uğur deep freezes can be kept for a long time in his conversation “With summer tomatoes and peppers, it is not possible to fill the place of eating spicy Turkish omelet in winter. In addition to the pleasure it provides; thus Uğur deep freeze is a safe, hygienic and insulated storage space, it cannot negatively affect external pollutants such as air pollution or humidity. Uğur deep freezers protect the flavor of summer months so that vegetables, fruits, and meats can be stored for months without loss of vitamins and minerals.” recalled us of the benefits of Uğur deep freezers. Uğur Cooling authorities recommend Uğur Deep Freezer, which is economical for winter preparations and long-term food storage.

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