Uğurlu Lezzetler Web Site is Renewed

uğurlu lezzetler web site is renewed

     The most delicious cooking site of Turkey, “Ugurlu Lezzetler” met its followers with the renewed design.

     Regaining a modern, practical and user friendly design, Uğurlu Lezzetler web site now offers more content on each page. Fans of the flavor can now access new recipes and browse the site easily. Displaying more recipes on the main page when compared with the old design, Ugurlu Lezzetler now allows visitors to send their own recipes, giving you access to the undiscovered, most private flavors.

     Listing all meals you can cook if you type in the materials you have at home to “Recipe Finder”, Ugurlu Lezzetler offers the possibility to cook appetizing, eye-pleasing homemade food. Thanks to the “videos” feature, you can follow-up visually how a recipe is prepared.

     You can access special content for fans of the flavor under the category “Gourmet Guidei” and receive hints and tips on how to store all food items with deep freezer models of Ugur Cooling. “Ugurlu Lezzetler” was designed in conformity with the “Engelsiz Web Siteleri” social responsibility project and can easily be used by the visual and hearing impaired visitors.

    You can also follow up with Ugurlu Lezzetler web site on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest, register with the news bulletin to hear about special campaigns and new recipes. Ugurlu Lezzetler invites all visitors to share the most special recipes.

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