Uğur’s Award Winning Advertisements are at “Ads Of The World”!

uğur’s award winning advertisements are at “ads of the world”!

     The advertisement works of Uğur Cooling which won awards in 3 different categories at "13.Kırmızı Ödülleri", published at world-wide prestigious website AOTW.

     At the statement about the subject which was given by marketing department "we, as Uğur which is the first A++ deep freezer producer of Turkey, are telling our customers that summer flavors may be preserved and consumed healthily also in winter. In this our award winning works, with our agency KAF, while we are preserving the tastes, at the same time we conducted a work over economical benefit of this". 

     The official who gave information about source of the project said "Healthiest vegetables and fruits in winter are the ones which grew in summer and were bought cheaper because plenty of them were being sold in bazaars, and preserved in the deep freezers. We, starting from "buy in summer, consume in winter" concept, wanted to explain this with both flashy and yet simple design".

     The official who also referred the insights which were gained as a result of the studies done with deep freezer users, summarized as "The mother who is preparing the meal, ensures healthy nutrition of the family and contributes to home budget at the same time by using deep freezer. At the same time while maintaining the hardworking woman role in the house, she is serving the vegetables and fruits which were grown in more natural conditions to members of the family with her mind at peace. And we are working to explain this in our communication projects." and said "this works which won awards inland, also resounded abroad and this made us very happy. The simplicity of the expression also shows that the work contains a universal message. We thank to our agency, marketing and corporate communication department project team, who contributed to this project. “And concluded his words. 

What is Ads Of The World (AOTW)?
     Ads Of the World is an U.S.A. originated organization which compiles creative advertisement and promotion activities from all around the world and publishes them in its official website www.adsoftheworld.com In the project where the applications are being evaluated by an independent committee, the works which seem worthy to be published at the site, passes a serious elimination.

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