Ugur Media Web Site is Renewed

ugur media web site is renewed

     Greeting users with its new design and modernized infrastructure, Ugur Media Web Site has also incorporated “Annem Benim Ugurum” and “Ugurlu Kareler” web sites as a result of the renewal efforts. The followers of these web sites can now use Ugur Media Web Site to access both of them.

    Thanks to renewal efforts, Ugur Media Web Site now has a modern and useful interface and multimedia content that loads much faster. As is known, the web site on which the user manuals of Ugur Cooling products and tips for use are shared now has a much richer video, audio and text content. Ugur Cooling customers can visit Ugur Media Web Site to obtain detailed information about the products they bought, watch the video of each product and learn how it can be used most efficiently. It is also possible to follow up with the adventures of the popular animated character of Ugur Cooling on Ugur Media web site which now includes more ads, social media, consumer and product videos .

     “Ugurlu Kareler”, a campaign that compiled the shoot-share photo competitions organized periodically on social media channels as well as “Annem Benim Ugurum” project dedicated to our mothers can now be accessed through Ugur Media main page. Followers of both campaigns can now follow up with the projects on Ugur Media. Having a user friendly design and very rich content, Ugur Media web site awaits visitors at

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