Uğur Group of Companies Continue to Add Value to Its Employees Via the Trainings Provided

uğur group of companies continue to add value to its employees via the trainings provided

     Uğur Group of Companies, which constantly adds value to its employees through regular trainings, has added a new one to these training activities. Various seminars were held for a large number of departments in the training sessions held between March 20th and 22nd of 2017. In these trainings, the following issues were addressed:

   Training on how to become a team and holding the team spirit. As it is known, it is not sufficient to just determine the members to create a team. Team members must have certain attitudes, knowledge and skills to move towards a common goal. Uğur Cooling, as well as the knowledge and skills that a modern team would need, has also taught motivational techniques for its team members. At the end of the training supported by games, examples and group work, our employees learned to participate more effectively in their work, thus we have created teams with strong communication skills.
Social compliance training. It is not enough to just produce quality products to protect brand image and brand value. It is necessary for a company to also take into account its social and environmental responsibilities and to develop various projects for such purposes. Our employees have been given trainings in this area and explained how they can protect brand value with such social responsibility projects.
Customer Service Center Training. In this training prepared for our customer service department, firstly, call center terms were mentioned. In this way, we have made sure that our employees mastered these terms and kind of hesitation on their parts in terms of their job description have been eliminated. The aim was to develop an effective, powerful, lively conversation skill with the diction training so that our employees can express themselves more effectively and use a speech speed and tone that fits the speech melody of Turkish.

     Communication techniques on the phone were the most important part of this training. In it, we have aimed to ensure that our employees carry out phone calls successfully, transfer body language to the other side with voice tone, and increase motivation by making positive and effective phone calls. Our customer service staff will be able to make enthusiastic, cheerful and energetic phone calls that bring success through this training. It will also be possible for them to carry out effective and positive negotiations in the same way, to manage the complaints correctly on the phone and to solve such problems more easily.
     In this context, the training of written communication techniques has also been given so the knowledge and skills of our employees on written communication have also been improved and so the written communication between them and the customers can be managed efficiently and quickly.

   Holding a Meeting and Time Management Training. In this training where effective use of time and efficient meeting management techniques were shared, it has been demonstrated how all employees and especially those in managerial positions can use their time in an organized manner. Meetings are one of the most time-consuming in-house actions, and it is possible to make them less time-consuming if the right techniques are used. Employees were taught these techniques and explained how to hold their meetings and use their time more efficiently.


   Emotional intelligence quote (EQ) in business life. In order to be successful in both business and social lives, thoughts and feelings should be in unity. In this training; It is aimed that employees can define their own and others people´s feelings, and be able to act on them, and improve their ability to manage their emotions well in relation. The ability to use empathy and sympathy skills together will reduce internal conflicts and make things run more efficiently and faster.

     Uğur Cooling will continue to add value to its employees, nonstop, in every aspect through its ongoing training activities in year 2017, just as we did in the past years.

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