Uğur Cooling Warns Us On Air Conditioning In Hot Air!

uğur cooling warns us on air conditioning in hot air!

   The use of air conditioners increases during the hot summer months. However, unconscious use of air conditioners can cause both unnecessary energy expenditure and various diseases. Uğur Cooling, Turkey´s first and largest manufacturer of deep freezer products and producing A++ energy class air conditioners with inverter technology, offers the following advice regarding the use of air conditioners in hot weather.

   Before you start using it heavily, all maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner must be done. The air conditioners where these procedures are not carried out can not work efficiently and can cause bacteria such as Legionnaire disease. For this reason, A ++ energy class air conditioner models with Inverter technology should be preferred for maximum energy saving. As you know, inverter technology completely stops the compressor when not in use, saving much less electricity.

  However, it is of great importance to make a preliminary reconnaissance to decide the capacity of the air conditioner. Using a 12,000 BTU-rated air conditioner for space where a 9,000 BTU-size air conditioner can be sufficient is caused unnecessarily energy consumption.

Ideal A / C Temperature

     The ideal temperature range for air conditioning is 24°C. Adjusting the night time between 25 - 26 degrees is beneficial in terms of sleep quality. Contrary to popular belief, lowering the temperature too much, for example, setting it to 18 degrees is not a healthy choice. If there is a lot of difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature, there may be a respiratory illness among the public known as "air strikes". In any case, the temperature difference at a high level negatively affects the sinuses and respiratory tracts. Especially if you often leave the environment in which the air conditioner is located and regularly expose your body to a temperature difference, you are likely to be sick. For this reason, lowering the temperature of the air conditioner to less than 23 degrees is not a correct application from a health point of view.

   When evaluating the efficiency of an air conditioner, it is necessary to pay attention to COP (heating efficiency) and EER (efficiency in cooling). These values show the cooling and heating efficiency of the air conditioner. In addition to these values, SEER (seasonal energy efficiency) value should also be considered. This value determines whether the air conditioner is always operating at the same performance regardless of weather conditions. Since the ideal ratio of all these values will be determined by the size of the space, the importance of reconnaissance before buying an air conditioner is once again revealed. It is recommended that the doors of the chilled room be closed and the curtains always kept in a pulled condition so that the air conditioner can save more energy. Because it is possible to get rid of unnecessary heat sources and losses. Air conditioning models can be the only defenses against warm weather and devices that improve the quality of life after being used correctly.

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