Ugur Cooling Took its Place Among the Most Valuable Trademarks

ugur cooling took its place among the most valuable trademarks

 International Trade Mark Assessment Corporation Brand Finance´s work on Turkey’s most precious 100 Brand Name for 2016 was explained. Rising its brand name value year by year, Ugur Cooling took its place among most valuable 100 brand names.

     Competing its 9thg work this year Brand Finance, stated the Turkey ‘s most valuable Brand Names -Turkey 100" and it was also stated that the total value of these most valuable 100 brand names amounts to 29,3 billion dollars. According to the work performed, in the list in which the difference of exchange rate is seriously felt, the total value decrease in Turkey’s most valuable 100 brand names recorded 5 billion dollars. 12 new brand name from various fields of activity were included into this 100 brand name- list. The distribution of the total value is as follows; 32 percent of the total value consists of banks, 13 percent consists of telecom, 9 percent consists of airway and 4 percent consists of food- retail trade marks.

     In the explanation made by Finance Department in relation with Ugur Cooling ’s inclusion into Turkey’s most valuable brand names, as a leading company, it was stated that ; “ We are proud ,on behalf of our employees and consumers, of being selected among Turkey’s most valuable brand names. Ugur has always been a trade mark meeting its customers’ expectations with its quality goods which provide value to the life and became a leader trade mark in Turkey with its durable and energy saving products. We have been working to go one step ahead by protecting our stability since our foundation and shall continue to go further with reliable steps.”  


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