Uğur Cooling Switched to Success Factors Performance Management System

uğur cooling switched to success factors performance management system

    Uğur Cooling switched to Success Factors Performance Management, a side module of the SAP system that was recently launched by the group of companies. The Success Factors Performance Management System, which is designed to direct employees´s contribution to the company´s productivity and effectiveness, and to manage and improve the performance of the organization and its employees by measuring their individual performance in line with corporate objectives, offers many advantages. The system aims to focus on employees goals, strengthening and improving their performances, and rewarding employees who have shown superior performance differently from others. Likewise, the performance evaluation process for employees in Uğur Cooling is now carried out via the SAP Success Factors system. At the beginning of the evaluation period, the target and follow-up process, which will start in line with the announcement of the Human Resources Department, will end with the evaluations made at the end of the year. In the same way, Performance Scorecards, which are based on evaluation by measuring the performance of one year of employees and the achievement of the defined targets, will ensure a balanced spread of goals.

What is SAP SuccessFactors?

    SAP Success Factors, now more than 27 million users, is a cloud-based management system for human resource productivity. Cloud-based allows users to compare themselves to global standards and access their data from anywhere. Employees can communicate and share with each other through the SAP Success Factors interface. Managers can control processes such as performance, promotion and candidate evaluation from anywhere and any device. The SAP Success Factors system, which ensures that the right workforce is used in the right places, is being used by almost all Fortune 500 companies.

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