Uğur Cooling Supported The Gourmet Book of Yerim Seni İstanbul

uğur cooling supported the gourmet book of yerim seni istanbul

     The book named "Yerim Seni İstanbul" which was written by the authors who travelled 230 different place of the unique city of Turkey Istanbul, and which is also supported by Uğur which shows the importance it gave to culture and art activities in a variety of events, has been published.

     The book "Yerim Seni İstanbul" which is defined as the largest taste guide in this cosmopolitan city of Turkey, is consisted of notes of 6 different people, taken by touring the city district to district, inch by inch. The formation who defines themselves as "Sonradan Gurmeler" and who examined hundreds of taste points for the enthusiastics, is aiming everyone who wish to discover gastronomy legacy of İstanbul. The book which started with the “we compiled the humblest and most delicious places of the magic city! C´mon don’t stop, go out, İstanbul is waiting for you!" motto, contains information about these places, their special tastes, address and phone information.

     Founding member of "Sonradan Gurmeler" Ömürden Sezgin who is stating that "Yerim Seni İstanbul" is a product of 8 years of labor and devotion, said "We visited special places, back street tastes of magic city İstanbul one by one. We chat with the tradesman, listened to their most interesting stories and brought them together in this colorful book. We thank to the tradesmen who opened their doors to us for this project, to the expert names of the industry for their recommendation articles and continuous support, and to Uğur cooling which is one of our supporters". Sezgin who is saying that Istanbul is a magic city which brings tastes of a large geography together, said "we, on the road we took 8 years ago, brought the stories we saw and the flavors we tasted together. And for our second project, we are going to depart to taste the flavors which are out of İstanbul on place".

     The book which took its place at the shelves for the food enthusiastics, got thumbs up from a lot of famous commentators and authors, and Uğur Cooling Inc. Co. Marketing Department Brand and Product Chief explained his feelings by saying “As Uğur, we always looked out for protecting beautiful tastes and preserving freshness concept. We were very excited when we first heard about this project which complies with the existence purpose of our brand. It really became a delicious and long-termed work which is coming out from a rich city such as İstanbul, and which is containing a lot of culture within. We really owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who made effort and contributed".

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