Uğur Cooling Successfully Passed the Trusted Brand Inspections

uğur cooling successfully passed the trusted brand inspections

    Uğur Cooling which is increasing the quality of work processes day by day, advancing with strong steps through becoming one of Turkey´s most successful companies in global meaning. On this way, with the certificates it acquired after the inspection mechanisms it has been through, Uğur cooling proved its trustworthiness both in industry and on its customers’ percept. In addition to ISO certificates it has, Uğur Cooling now successfully passed "Trusted Brand" inspections.

    Trusted Brand (Global Compatibility - Trusted Brand) which is a world-wide accepted certification inspection of German company DQS, is valid for all companies which wants their value to be noticed by the world. All companies which want to protect their brand world-wide, wants to complete the Trusted Brand inspections successfully and to earn right to be awarded with the certificate. Uğur cooling, by completing Trusted Brand inspections successfully, proved that it is one of the most successful global companies.

    On 29.11.2016, GC Mark-Trusted Brand inspection was conducted at Uğur Cooling Factory by DQS Inspection and Certification Company which is one of the most important independent companies of the world. Uğur Cooling which successfully passed this inspection, became the first brand in Turkey which earned the right to be “Trusted Brand”. With this success, Uğur Cooling which is the most trustworthy brand of the industry for two years, announced its success also globally.

    In accordance with the conditions of Trusted Brand inspection, none of the companies in Turkey which are in the same industry with Uğur Cooling will be able to gain right to be awarded with this certificate. Thus and so Uğur Cooling will have the advantage of using the Trusted Brand emblem on its products.  

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