Uğur Cooling Revised the Product Names

uğur cooling revised the product names

     Ugur is the first brand that comes to mind when it is mentioned about Turkish freezers, from now on the company started applying more practical, understandable and catchy names for its products.

     Ugur Cooling company, known for a wide assortment of commercial and household-type refrigerators and more than 420 varieties 4800+ units daily production capacity of such products as deep freezers, water dispensers, air conditioners, bottle coolers, open to development and continuous improvement of quality, has made changes to the product names. With the change of enterprise resource planning program product names acquired more systematic and understandable features, Ugur Cooling has once again demonstrated that it continues to invest in customer-focused projects.

     In the statement made by the Ugur Cooling Product Evaluation Commission Authority; "As Ugur Cooling Machinery Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company, we have increased our activities under the Corporate Governance Principles, which we have been carrying out for the last five years, to a new and important stage. We started implementing the SAP Project on Enterprise Resource Planning on 01 October 2016. We have changed the Product Names of the devices produced and sold under the scope of the structural changes, operational results and systematic changes required by our project. The results of these studies have been reconstructed by using a more understandable and memorable system. I would like to thank everyone, this application is for the benefit of our customers and employees.” The Authority has also reminded that everyone will be able to access information on Product Naming Guide on the website www.ugur.com.

Product Naming Guide

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