Uğur Cooling Received the Certificate of Risk Management ISO 31000

uğur cooling received the certificate of risk management iso 31000

     Ugur Cooling improves business processes and quality every day, has taken a step towards becoming a global company with certificate ISO 31000.

     Integrated management systems representative made a statement about certificate and its scope “As Uğur Cooling Inc. Co. with a business experience of more than 60 years, we know very well that a brand would not survive without quality. Therefore, not only checking the quality in our company but also we manage it with the contribution of all our employees and business partners. We are configuring quality to be a part of our business processes from purchasing to production, from shipment to after-sales services, we have integrated all of our units our standards and procedures” he said.

     Authority referring briefly to the history of this certification “all over the world since 2009 ISO 31000 is a certificate of a quality that can be granted to both public and private organizations after independent audit. Systematic work of this study was the standard all over the world seeking and decision-making to all organizations who want to eliminate the chances of missing small and large can be applied,” he said. Authority reminiscented the international quality certificates owned by the company is a total of 10 with this certification, and he completed his words as saying “As Uğur we are rightly proud of being the first company in the field of this certification in our industry, and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this study.”
What is ISO 30001?

     During decision-making and operational processes of the organizations, they are possible to encounter risks in many ways. Whether public or private, whether such institutional structures ISO 31000 general management, strategy and planning, management, reporting processes, policies values and culture to integrate the risk management process in accordance with a framework for the development, implementation and continuous improvement allows for that. Brought in processes and practices with both internal and external risks systematic, transparent and reliable manner, scope and principles within the context and general principles for managing performance.

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