Uğur Cooling Received the 16th Respect For Mankind Award

uğur cooling received the 16th respect for mankind award

     At the Human Resources Summit held annually with the sponsorship of Kariyer.net, Uğur Cooling once again received the "Respect for Mankind" award. Uğur Cooling, who was also entitled to this award in year 2015, has been deemed deserving this award due to the digitalization realized in its human resources department and its due diligence for business applications. Kariyer.net general manager Fatih Uysal said the following in his speech at the award ceremony: "It is very valuable to respond quickly to candidates´ applications and keep them informed in the process so that recruitment processes can run smoothly. Companies that manage this process well increase their corporate reputation. And we have been rewarding our companies who carry out these processes in the healthiest manner, for the last 16 years with the "Respect for Mankind Award."

      Emphasizing the role of digitalization in the human resources processes, Uysal also said that companies need to implement the digital culture into theirs, and only by making this happen, they can achieve the industrial revolution. Respect for Mankind Awards are given to companies that respond to all candidate applications, the ones that employ the most employees and the ones that receive the most applications. In this context, Uğur Cooling, which has reached the targets set out in this context, has once again been entitled to this special award.

     At the award ceremony held at İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center, the Human Resources department official, who received the award on behalf of Uğur Cooling said "We are delighted that we have once again been awarded the Respect for Mankind Award. We are constantly setting new targets for our existing employees, as well as our candidate employees, and we are trying to lead the sector by continuously raising the bar. I accept this award on behalf of all my colleagues, and I thank all of them individually."

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