Uğur Cooling Made Employees Happy With New Year´s Gifts

uğur cooling made employees happy with new year´s gifts

     Just like every year, Uğur Cooling celebrated a new year with its employees and handed out surprise gifts to everyone. In this way, employees celebrated a New Year with a lot of fun, and their determination to work was increased.

     The corporate gift giving culture is quite old and has been practiced in Western countries for decades. Celebration habits with special corporate gifts handed out on special occasions are unfortunately not very common in our country. Corporate gifts are only prepared for company customers. However, making employees a part of this process also increases their loyalty to the company and motivation. As a matter of fact, research suggests that celebrating special days with surprise gifts increases employees’ productivity as it shows that work done is appreciated. This institutional tradition enhances the employees’ commitment to the company and supports the team spirit. Considering the positive effects of employee morale, giving corporate gifts is a practice that every company should do. Having adopted innovative approach as a principle, Uğur Cooling Inc. has shown an example to other companies in the sector and appreciated employees’ dedication with the gifts. Uğur Cooling will continue to celebrate special occasions with its employees and serve as a creative example for others. We are fully convinced that 2017 will be "fortunate" for both our employees and the company.

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