Uğur Cooling Keeps Leading the Industry with Innovative Projects

uğur cooling keeps leading the industry with innovative projects

     In today’s world, importance of innovative ideas and works is increasing day by day and R&D is being considered as one of the most important departments of the companies. Pioneering and protecting innovative works are within the factors which determine the value and importance of a company. Uğur cooling which is the pioneer of cooling industry and which meets firsts of the industry with consumers, continues to lead the industry and show the way to other companies with this percept. Uğur Cooling which also conducts its investment policies in this direction, clearly presented the importance it gave to the subject by revealing 2016 TPE (Turkish Patent Institute) application numbers. 

The statements below are included within the explanation made by our R&D department official:

     • From 2001 to today, totally 153 Industrial Design Registration applications were made to TPE on behalf of Uğur Cooling. With a huge increase in applications, total of 32 Design Registration Application made in 2016. The applications, 30 of which were published in bulletins and 2 of which are waiting for publishing verdict, constitutes 21% of all applications made until now.
     • Total number of Patent and Beneficial Model applications made by our company since 2005 is 68. While 9 of these are patent application, 59 of these are beneficial model applications. In 2016, with an important increase in applications, 25 applications were made in total. These 25 applications, constitute 37% of the applications made until today. Wile 17 beneficial model applications within these applications made in 2016 were published in bulletins, 8 patent applications are in research process at TPE.

     Patent, beneficial model and industrial design registration applications will increasingly continue also in 2017. Our R&D department which develops innovative projects together with production and marketing departments, creates not only innovative but also useful and beneficial works. In this percept Uğur Cooling keeps leading the industry and creates works which attract attention globally. Our company which believes that innovative product works and innovative activities are irreplaceable necessities for a sustainable improvement, also conducts all of its investments in this direction.

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