Uğur Cooling is Removing the Disabilities With its Web Page

uğur cooling is removing the disabilities with its web page

      Uğur Cooling transformed its corporate web site  www.ugur.com into a site which can be used more comfortably by disabled citizens. By upgrading the website to unhindered standards, makes their lives easier, eliminates any problem that they may encounter while visiting our webpage and creates social awareness.

       Uğur Cooling added a new one to its applications in informatics field, the citizens who are unable to utilize lots of opportunities and services in their daily life due to their disabilities, are utilizing communication services from their seats via a computer, reaching to information sources and communicating. These kind of web pages which lets them to reach a lot of service opportunity via using computer, are playing a big role for improving visitor´s life quality. And Uğur Cooling, considering this, makes disabled users´ lives easier, they can reach to detailed information about Uğur products and compare the models they want if they wishes.

      Uğur is supporting disabled citizens to blend in community and not to be exposed to any kind of physical or similar discrimination. With its former "Removing the Disabilities in Communication” project, ensures our citizens that, they will be able to communicate , send their request and feedbacks about Uğur products to Customer Support 24/7.

      In the web page which disabled citizens can reach and easily use, and also which supports mobile devices, users may listen the content with help of a screen reader software which they can obtain, and move between contents with a single button (TAB button). Thus users are able to surf in the page fast and easily.

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