Uğur Cooling is on the Shortlist at the Press Section Category of Felis Awards 2016

uğur cooling is on the shortlist at the press section category of felis awards 2016

     Uğur Cooling’s “Seasonal Advertising work” got into the shortlist at the Press Section category of Felis Awards 2016.

     Uğur Cooling’s “Seasonal Advertising work” which was prepared by KAF Advertising Agency got into the shortlist at the Press Section category of Felis Awards 2016.

     The applications made to the Press Section category of the Felis Awards 2016, that took place on 10-11 November 2016, were taken into consideration by the Press Division jury that consists of 26 members. When the evaluations were carried out, anticipated with a great enthusiasm, the short list was released and the winners were identified. Felis Awards offers different and unique approach to the national or international platforms with sub-categories. Felis looks at agencies from a different perspective, focusing more on categories of specialization rather than sectoral ones. The Felis Awards, consisted of 13 sections last year, was organized in 14 sections this year, and many new categories were added to the existing sections. With the new sections and categories added, Felis will receive applications in 390 different categories this year. A significant portion of these 390 subcategories will be judged under the headings encountered for the first time in the sector.

     Prepared by KAF Advertising Agency “Seasonal Advertising work” explains how Ugur freezer keeps seasonal vegetables and fruits for months, which can be still healthy in the winter, particularly economic benefits. The "Seasonal Advertising Work", which was awarded with a total of 4 different awards, including the 28th Crystal Apple Festival Award and the 13th Red Award, won recognition in social media.

     The Corporate Marketing Director has commented on the subject, “Ugur cooling is constantly taking place in visual and digital media, and we´re trying to be catchy. It makes us very happy that our efforts and projects are acclaimed by such organizations. These projects emphasise the economic benefits of the Ugur freezer and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to these studies,”.

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