Uğur Cooling Have Become Aegean Export Champion

uğur cooling have become aegean export champion

     Uğur Cooling have become the first company among the Aegean Exporters Association (EİB) to achieve the highest exports in the air conditioning sector in 2016. Uğur Cooling, one of the most exporting companies in Turkey since its establishment, has acquired the title of export champion due to this success and has been able to show its contribution to the country´s economy once more.

     The Aegean Exporters Association, which dates back to 1939, is a platform established for the steady development of exports and protection of exporters. Aegean Exporter Association, an organization affiliated to the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, has a total number of 7,500 members. These members account for about 14% of Turkey´s overall exports and in 2016 exported goods on approximately 11,000,000,000 dollars. Even these numbers alone are enough to show the superiority and importance of Uğur Cooling´s success.

     As it is known, Aegean Exporters Association, which awarded the first three companies that make the most export to the Aegean region every year, gave the first prize in the air conditioning sector to Uğur Cooling for the year 2016. Uğur Cooling will receive the award at the Rising Stars of Exports Award Ceremony which will be organized with the participation of Minister of the Economy Nihat Zeybekçi in the upcoming days.

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