Uğur Cooling Have Become A Life Coach of 146 Participants

uğur cooling have become a life coach of 146 participants

     Paying attention to personal development and social achievements as well as professional achievements of its employees, in this context Uğur Cooling continued to provide private life coaching service throughout 2016. This service, provided by AIM Consulting trainers, carried on in the Nazilli central district between 01.06.2016-23.12.2016 and a total number of 146 participants was reached. Participants had 220 sessions with life coaches in total.

     Life coaching is among the most important Human Resource studies, and is made up of a variety of techniques that enable a single person or group to increase the productivity in both work and private life. In this context, it can also be given specifically to executives and managerial candidates. Life coaching studies include career planning, professional communication, performance management, organizational skills and strategic thinking. Accordingly, effective and efficient team building, teamwork and conflict management are also offered in the context of life coaching counseling. Surveys show that a life coaching consultation with the right methods improves performance at the workplace, minimizes problems among employees and raises overall productivity. There are also meetings held in teams, as well as one-on-one interviews on life coaching work.

     Having determined innovative approaches as a company principle, Uğur Cooling conducted a special study with AIM Consultancy firm for 6 months in order to increase the motivation and productivity of its employees. Uğur Cooling employees personal development was also emphasized both individually and in groups. Having provided training and coaching services to 147 companies and more than 4,000 people to date, AIM Consulting has shared its enourmous experience with Uğur Cooling.

     Uğur Cooling, which has carried out a large number of training activities for its employees in 2016, continues to break grounds in this respect and support the development of all its personnel both professionally and personally. All technical, psychological, theoretical and practical support required by Uğur Cooling Inc. personnel will be provided in 2017.

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