Uğur Cooling Distributed Hand-held Air Conditioners To Its Employees

uğur cooling distributed hand-held air conditioners to its employees

     Uğur Cooling, who distributed hand-held air conditioners with a surprise event to the public at Kuşadası Shopping Center in Kuşadası / Aydın in June, also organized a similar kind of activity for its employees.

     On June 23, 2017, employees of Uğur Cooling Group Companies had a pleasant surprise while leaving the workplace. Employees who received their free hand-held air conditioners, went to their homes happily that day. The most important feature of hand-held air-conditioners distributed to Uğur Cooling employees is that they can be operated connected to mobile phones or computers. Easy-to-use hand-held air conditioning allows you to be cool even when outdoors.

     Employees who started using their hand-held air conditioners, posed to the cameras with a smile on their faces. More than 2,600 hand-held air-conditioners were distributed throughout the event and all employees were provided with a mobile air-conditioning system. Uğur Cooling, who praises its employees and organizes projects to increase their quality of life, will continue to make similar surprise activities throughout the year. 

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