Uğur Cooling, Did Not Forget The Children on April 23rd

uğur cooling, did not forget the children on april 23rd

     Uğur Cooling, which gives a great importance to social responsibility projects, did not forget the children on April 23rd. Celebrating this special occasion with activities organized in Uğur Kid´s website and social media accounts, Uğur Cooling has both entertained the children and distributed surprise gifts.

     Uğur Cooling, which started social media activities on April 19th aimed at April 23rd, also held a contest specific for this day on social media accounts of Uğur Kid. It gave puzzles and reading books to 5 children who completed this puzzle and formed the correct sentence. The winners of this competition were; Gülfiliz Armut, Seçmen Demirci, Elanur Altay ve Kara Kemal. Uğur Cooling social media accounts, which had made convenient sharings for meaning and importance of the day through April 23rd, ensured that children have fun and have books to contribute to their development. Made in shares specially for April 23rd, where are included Buz-O, Uğurgiller and Derin and Serin characters had a place in.

     Children visiting Uğur Kid´s website have had a good time playing Buz-O, Uğurgiller and Derin and Serin games. Uğur Kids Television enjoyed the day with fun adventures of the children who found the opportunity to watch funny and educational video series, Derin and Serin Videos, Buz-o Videos, Elmagil, Çilekgil, Armutgil and Üzümgil. Uğur Cooling will continue its activities on April 23rd, as well as educational projects for children without slowing down.

     You can visit Uğur Kid web site from http://cocuk.ugur.com.tr/, and Uğur Kid social media account from https://www.facebook.com/UgurluCocuklar/?ref=br_rs links.

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