Uğur Cooling Conveys Its 60 Years of Experience to Young People in Its Career Days Event

uğur cooling conveys its 60 years of experience to young people in its career days event

     Uğur Group of Companies, which have made great contributions to the economy of the country and the region for decades, participated in the Career Days event organized by Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences on 21st of March 2017 and shared its over 60 years of experience with young people.

     The Uğur Group of Companies, which established a special stand within the campus, answered the questions of the participants who were interested. Our Human Resources specialists have also informed the students about the job and training opportunities that the Uğur Group of Companies do provide. In this respect, the importance of professional and personal development was mentioned, and the details regarding the online training platform "Uğur Campus project" were shared.

     Uğur Campus, which offers special training for everyone from its employees to authorized dealers and services, in this respect, realizes a first in Turkey and adds value to all its employees. There are a wide range of activities held within the campus, ranging from personal development to communication, from hobby workshops to occupational health and safety trainings. Recent developments in technology are also being utilized in the pursuit of a modern, reliable and functional human resources policy, to ensure employee satisfaction and continuity, to increase employee motivation and sense of belonging, to identify and constantly develop competencies for duties and responsibilities. As a matter of fact, there is a special mobile software application developed for Uğur Campus which works on both iOS and Android platforms.

     The students of Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences who visited the booth were also mentioned the "Uğurlu Kariyer (Lucky Career)" project and explained the advantages of having a career internship in Uğur Group of Companies. The Uğur Group of Companies will continue its efforts to share its unique experience and knowledge with future generations. 

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