Uğur Cooling Celebrates its 63rd Anniversary

uğur cooling celebrates its 63rd anniversary

     On April 18, 1954, Uğur Cooling started producing ice cream machines in the Nazilli district of Aydın and celebrated its 63rd anniversary with its employees and Nazilli people as it was every year. Uğur Cooling, which is the first company to produce A ++ class deep freezers, continues to make production in the main plant with an active closed area of 220,000 m² and Nazilli Organized Industrial Plant with a closed area of 91,000 m² and contributes to the country´s economy.

     Uğur Cooling, which proudly waves Turkish flag in almost every country of the world, is the first brand that deserves to be a Trusted Brand in our country by carrying out the most exports within Aegean Exporters´ s in 2016.

     Uğur Cooling, which is located among the 100 Most Valuable Brands of Turkey, celebrates its anniversary on April 18 every year. As a matter of fact, during this yea´s celebrations, special towels with Uğur logo and donuts were distributed to people and 2,050 employees in Nazilli factory facilities. At anniversary events that last until the evening, Uğur Cooling officials firstly have expressed their gratitude to the public and employees and they are proud of their present situation and will continue to meet customer expectations. The official said "Uğur Cooling has always added value to life with its products and has made production taking into account the demands of its customers" and he concluded "We are proud that Uğur Cooling is the first brand that comes to mind in terms of cooling for 63 years. I thank my people and my employees". The anniversary events, which were completed with wishes of successful and growing years, enabled the company employees and Nazilli people to have a pleasant and proud day.

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