Uğur Cooling Brought SAP Project into Life

uğur cooling brought sap project into life

      Uğur Cooling Inc. Co. which is serving in cooling industry since 1954, is taking the "SAP S/4 HANA 360 degrees Corporational Resource Planning (ERP) Transformation Project" which it started with consulting firm Detaysoft in June 2015 to improve business processes, to be able to manage financial and operational data more productively, into live usage on October 1, 2016.

      Uğur as one of the biggest 100 brands of Turkey, leading company in deep freezer industry which is exporting to over 140 countries and has more than 400 product types in its product range, supplying retail solutions to the leading beverage, frozen food and ice cream brands of the world. It has more than 850 sales point and near 240 authorized service in country. Uğur cooling which was in a transition process under consultancy of Detaysoft for more than a year, starting to live use on October 1, 2016.

     In the given statement, SAP project officer said “for improving corporational resource planning processes, efficiently conducting the tracking analyzing and planning functions, and to be able to manage financial and operational data more efficiently, we decided to change the current ERP program. We decided to transfer to SAP to acquire gains in the fields of more stable business functions, process discipline, advanced corporational software technology, realistic planning and estimation ability, efficient production functions and corporational information security. With this transition; we are going to acquire a considerable acceleration in the fields of purchase order management, planning, producing, shipping, and supply efficiency, alongside; the B2B, B2C, TYS, CRM, After Sale Services portals which were integrated to the Corporational Resource Planning system and Corporational Applications are going to be improved. We thank to all of our employees who took efforts in the project, to Detaysoft Firm, and to support teams, and we wish this gains to be beneficent and fortunate to all our partners”.

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