Ugur Continues To Innovation Works

ugur continues to innovation works

     Ugur Cooling which brings firsts of the industry together with consumers, organized innovation and problem solving training for R&D Center personnel. The workshops which are conducted with moderatorship of Yekta ÖZÖZER who is an innovation educator and founder of ABC consulting company, took place in Nazilli Factory. Participants shared their experiences especially about current status analyses about product-process relations and studies about new product developing methods. Through the 4 days of training period; where both the exercises wherein both products and processes are evaluated with different perspectives and group studies received great deal of attention, applications in the industry and practical solutions were referred with global examples about both white appliances and cooling. 

    Human Resources Education Supervisor made a statement about the workshop and said “as Ugur, to make our trademark to grow by gaining value is one of our most important aims. And we know that this is only possible with design and innovative approaches. Especially after our R&D Center status was officially registered by Ministry of Industry and Commerce, a sensibility developed about product development in all of our fellow workers. Offers and suggestions about both product development and process improvement which are reaching to related departments are increased. Because we handle innovation studies with all of its dimensions, we included our friends both from production and marketing departments in this studies.”
    And concluded with “We believe that this studies we conduct will contribute a great deal to our designs which we will make from now on. We are planning to evaluate the innovative improvements which we can utilize in our current and new design projects and apply them in our products with New Year. Alongside our new projects on household type coolers, there are also increases in our design registration and utility model applications which are developed within our own frame. We believe that this will increasingly go on" statement of R&D department.

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