Turkey´s Most Extensive and Talented Deer Freezer Again by Uğur

turkey´s most extensive and talented deer freezer again by uğur

     Uğur Cooling, the first and leading deep freezing company of Turkey, presented the UED 560 D/SA+ and UED 660 D/S A+ models, art of 63 years experience, to consumers´ regard. Designed for commercial use, the UED 560 D/S A+ and UED 660 D/S A+ are currently regarded as deep freeze models with the widest internal volume. Both offer enormous capacity with maximum energy savings. Common features of the models include:

  •  Mechanical thermal control system
  •  Interior lighting
  •  Quick shocking
  •  Integrated lock on the body
  •  Water drain plug
  •  Removable wire basket
  •  4 wheels for ease of movement (optional)
  •  Convenient use of cover handle
     The UED 560 D/S A+ model with 3 different mode options (freezer, cooler, zero degree chiller) offers a gross 466 liters internal volume while the UED 660 D/S A+ model offers a gross internal volume of 567 liters. This tremendous interior volume can easily meet the needs of even the busiest businesses. For easy transport and positioning, 4 wheels are optionally available on both models. These models with block lid in the horizontal deep freezer category can be purchased from authorized dealers with Uğur Cooling´s unique guarantee and reasonable price advantages.

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