Social Responsibility Projects of Ugur Cooling is not Slowing Down

social responsibility projects of ugur cooling is not slowing down

     Ugur Cooling Inc. which access to all corners of Turkey, has carried out many social responsibility projects in 2016 in order to materialize the social responsibility projects which add value to life.

     Ugur who has reached out for social responsibility continues to support education and beautify the environment by assissting with things such as black pine and basil-seed pencils, stationary materials, children’s magazine and water fountains from İstanbul to Muş, Izmir to Abu Dhabi Turkish Business Committee. Ugur Cooling answered the call by Karakütük Elementary School located at governorship district of Muş Hasköy and helped the stationary needs of the school.

     Ugur Cooling Inc. helped Esenler Atatürk Elementary School in İstanbul and Bayraklı Durmuş Yaşar Elementary School in İzmir by donating black pine seed-pencils in order to help with the sapling plantation for taking every single chance to contribute to nature and the environment by assisting with the forestation efforts 

     Ugur Cooling Inc. has also sent the 23rd April special edition of Derin and Serin to the Turkish Business Committee in Abu Dhabi to make Turkish children who are living abroad happy. Derin and Serin is distributed through vendors every month with Türkiye Çocuk magazine throughout all Turkey. Online version of the magazine can be accessed at

     Ugur Cooling Inc. who has also included the health staff besides education has donated water fountains to Family Health Center # 4 in Nazilli / Aydın. Thus, the center offers healthy drinking water to visitors while providing a better service for the public in the region.

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