Sapling Festival with Ugur Cooling

sapling festival with ugur cooling

     One of the leading companies of its sector, Ugur Cooling Inc. added another one to its environmentalist social responsibility campaigns and gave support with its staff for the regional forestation activities.

     Ugur Cooling staff and their families continued this meaningful campaign with a picnic which began by planting one sapling for each employee. Ugur had announced its name with projects such as the forest of remembrance, environmental office applications as well as seed-pencils and having organized several environmentalist campaigns previously. The brand continues its social responsibility activities with a public planting organization for a sustainable, healthy environment.

     The General Directorate of Ugur Cooling Finance and Human Resources explained about the matter that “We are continuing to actualize our environment projects this year as usual in order to be able to leave behind a clean breath and a strong nature for future generations. We have planned this activity in two stages. At the first stage, Ugur Cooling employees planted their saplings with their bare hands and contributed to our spring festival. The company official stated that they wish to plant their saplings including all employees of the group in the second stage of the festival and continued “Uğur Cooling supports a productive generation and we intend to leave behind a clean breath and a strong nature for future generations with the saplings planted as well as the environmentalist office applications and nature-friendly products.

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