It Rained Handheld Air Conditioners

it rained handheld air conditioners

     Known for its social activities and interesting sales promotions, Uğur Cooling, Turkey´s largest manufacturer of deep freezers, organized a special air-conditioning presentation event in Kuşadası. In the event held in the afternoon of June 11th, 2017, in Kuşadası Shopping Center in Kuşadası district of Aydın province, the visitors have been gifted hand-held air-conditioning systems which provide mobile coolness.

     The promotion activity started with a paramotor show over the shopping mall. Paramotor (motor parachute) crews wandered around the sky with parachutes written UGUR AIR CONDITION on them, and began to surprise the people participating in the event by raining surprise gifts over them. The small hand-held air conditioners slowly descending from the air thanks to their small parachutes both surprised and delighted the participants of the event. In the event, which lasted about an hour, all attendees had their free hand-held air conditioner.

     Hand-held air conditioners can be operated by plugging into Android and IOS based smartphones and other mobile devices and provide a mobile coolness. The event, which was completed under the supervision of Uğur Cooling marketing staff, enabled every participant to have a pleasant time and to have a free hand-held air-conditioner. Uğur Cooling plans to continue its surprise social activities throughout the year. 

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