It is Always Fresh When Stored in Uğur

it is always fresh when stored in uğur

     Uğur Cooling, Turkey´s first and biggest deep freezer company, which is increasing day by day its social gathering activities with the public, completed the first example of the new "Market Place" events it organizes in recent days. The employees of Uğur Cooling, by visiting the district markets of Bostanlı/İzmir and Nazilli/Aydın, filled the empty market tags they brought with them, together with the people who visited the markets and the sellers, and distributed them to the counters. With the slogan "It is always fresh when stored in Uğur", the labels on which Uğur Cooling logos are printed were either written the prices of the vegetables and fruits that are sold or pleasant smiley messages. Uğur Cooling employees, who also made a video recording of the event, came together with the counter owners and the public and gave short messages about the benefits of keeping food products deep frozen.

By using a deep freezer:

  • You can store foods and vegetables/fruits you purchased from the reigonal marketplaces and keep them fresh throughout the year
  • You can determine your eating habits as you wish, not according to the seasons
  • As you won´t have to shop all the time, you can save money
  • You can store your legumes in a healthy and tasty way by protecting them from pests
  • You can save money because you can keep the food you purchased for a reasonable price fresh for a long time.

     You can always consume fresh, healthy and delicious foods because the nutrients and vitamins of vegetables and fruits stored by deep freezing will never be lost.
     Uğur Cooling plans to continue its market place activities throughout the country which will enable the brand to reach the consumers directly and to explain the benefits of deep freezing the food to everybody. 

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