Environmental Office Practices

environmental office practices

    Ugur Cooling, placing importance in the environment as much as its products, has now initiated “environmental office practices” for their employees.

    Ugur Cooling, aiming at carrying out activities with eco-friendly practices, inForms its employees through in-house activities for raising their awareness on environmental office practices. The Company guides its office employees towards preferring eco-friendly products, minimizing the use of paper, saving up electricity and collecting papers, batteries and plastic material separately in recycle bins. Furthermore, the company protects the nature from waste gas thanks to its waste gas recycle stations located in the production department.

    Assistant General Manager, Talip Takmaklı, who has led the way to start the environmental office practices in the company, stated that “Such practices that should be accomplished by all companies and individuals who are aware of their responsibilities shall be more effective with the support of our employees and contribute to the preservation of natural resources and our future. Such practices which seem insignificant but which are actually important ensure the effective and efficient use of office resources and this way; we take big steps towards protecting our natural resources. I hope we become a model for everybody”.

    Ugur Cooling fulfills its duties with social responsibility practices in order to contribute even a little in the solution of environmental problems which are social problems and aims at becoming a model for several companies and the society.

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