360 Degree Virtual Tour in Uğur Cooling Showroom

360 degree virtual tour in uğur cooling showroom

     Uğur Cooling has always added innovative technologies to its manufacturing and management processes and thus, added a 360 degree virtual tour feature to its corporate website. This feature makes it possible to visit the Uğur Cooling Showroom in a virtual environment. The interface, which can be accessed from http://www.ugur.com.tr/sanal-tur.html and which can be controlled by users with the help of a mouse, has a 360 degree rotation feature. In other words, it contains the entire Uğur Cooling Showroom and offers a chance to roam freely in it. Similar to Google Maps technology, it is possible to zoom in to any desired region.

     Users have the opportunity to get detailed information about each product they see in the virtual showroom. When the red marking symbols on the products are clicked with the mouse, a separate dialog box opens, showing the product information and a promotional video. If desired, it is possible to reach the product introduction and sales pages directly through this box. In other words, users are able to navigate through the showroom and purchase directly the products they like. The virtual showroom, which is open 24/7, includes all products of Uğur Cooling.

     It is also possible to use this innovative technology with virtual reality (VR) glasses. In this regard, Uğur Cooling Virtual Showroom is considered one of Turkey´s first VR supported showrooms. You can experience it right now by visiting http://www.ugur.com/sanal-tur.html. 

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