USM 40+20 S/A

Product Details

Beverage and Ayran Coolers

• Provides perfect display for beverages and ayran
• Various volume options for high and low consistency beverages
• Transparent tank and steel body that may carry out brand application
• Separable parts that enables an effective cleaning

Specifications of all prudcts listed are subject to changes without any prior notification.

Technical Details

Technical Feature Title Feature Unit
Climate Class 4(30°C / 55 % RH)
Energy Consumption 8,1 kW/24h
Operating Range +5 / +10 C °
Power Supply 220-240 / 50 V/Hz/Faz
Coolant Fluid R404a
Volume (Net/Gross) 3x(20/22) lt
Weight (Net/Gross) 43/46 Kg
External Dimensions (WxDxH) 540 x 500 x 705 mm
Packaged External Dimensions (WxDxH) 640 x 580 x 780 mm
Loading Capacity [20 ft. Kont./40 ft. Kont./83m3] 108/216/216

Product Details

Technical Documents
USM 40+20 S/A User Manual
USAM 40+20 User Manual