Uğur Cooling Continues to Create Value With Their Trainings

     Uğur Cooling, known for its innovative, motivational and in-house trainings which provides employees to improve themselves and Turkey’s first and biggest deepfreezer producer, has completed one more training that creates value. In the training both given to the senior managers and department managers and also to the blue and white collar employees, issues on how crises can be turned into the opportunities and how to deal with challenges, are touched on. In this context, first of all, the positive and negative effects of the crises that may happen with the managers in the workplace, to turn a crisis into an opportunity, crisis management process and techniques that can be applied during the crises are explained through examples of events. How to make a crisis management plan and what the factors that cause to the crisis are, were evaluated in detail with the participants in this training. In this way, the senior managers and department managers have got a special training on how to turn a crisis into the opportunity and how to prevent them to occur and if they did, how to manage them.

     For the blue and white collar employees, the motivation training works were performed. In this context, as well as issues such as personal and organizational factors that cause stress, signs of stress and ways for overcoming the stress and also the creation of awareness to increase the quality of life were discussed by having individual exemples with the participants. Thus, the emplooyes had a valuable training on how to deal with the difficulties in both the business environment and in the other fields and how to manage a difficult process.

     Uğur Cooling who pays attention to its employees to be happy and productive in both their business and private lives will continue their in-house training works with the same ambition and determination.