It is High Time to Buy a Deepfreezer

     The upcoming Feast of the Sacrifice causes an increase at the amount of the red meat in our homes in addition to bringing plentifulness to our table and once again makes us to remember the importance of the sharing. For this reason, especially during the Feast of the Sacrifice, long-term storage of food and meat is needed. You can safely store your red meats and other foods during the seasons by using Uğur Cooling deepfreezer at the Feast of the Sacrifice as well as in other periods. Your meats that you can store up to 8 months under favour of Uğur deepfreezers that you can buy purple and silver colors besides the white color option, will continue to add favor to your meals with the freshness of the first day after the Feast of the Sacrifice.

Campaigns for Uğur Cooling Deepfreezer

     Various campaigns and discounts offered by Uğur Cooling makes also the Feast of the Sacrifice the best time to get a deepfreezer. You can benefit from the campaigns, it includes the following:

     Special Consumption Tax Campaign: As it is known, regulation that reduces the rate of SCT in white appliances and refrigators/deepfreezers from 6.7% to 0% has been extended until October. A ++ House Type Deepfreezers from the products within the scope of Uğur Cooling A.Ş. is also within the scope of SCT reduction. Within the scope of campaign, all deepfreezers can be bought at 6.7% discounted prices.

     7 Years Guarantee Campaign: Extended 7 years free additional guarantee campaign covers all house type deepfreezers that are bought from Uğur authorized dealers, Uğur Showrooms, websites and other sellers and assembled by Uğur Authorized Service. For these deepfreezer, there is an additional 4 years free guarantee in addition to the standard 3 years guarantee period.

     Mercedes Campaign: This campaign which is valid until Semptember 25, 2017 is valid for all Uğur Cooling products. To join the campaign, it is enough to buy for 500 TL at one time (or over) and in one day from Uğur Cooling authorized dealers. After the purchase is completed, coded cards are delivered to the participants and the passwords on these cards should be sent to Uğur Cooling. For each 500 TL shopping there is a separate card. In other words, the more you shop, you increase your changes of winning. The great prize is 2 Mercedes Benz A180FL Style cars that worth 135.300 TL. Also 50 participants will get the chance to win the iPhone 7 128GB Gold mobilephone.

     Bonus Campaign: This campaign which is valid for batch and installment payments at a price of 1.000 TL and more batch payments by using Garanti Bank Pos device only from until September 18, 2017, provides you to get 50 TL bonus money.