Is Your Deepfreezer Ready for the Feast of the Sacrifice?

     The Feast of the Sacrifice will bring plentifulness to our homes this year like every year and as much as it helps us to remember the importance of sharing, it will cheer our tables with meat of sacrificed animal. Uğur Cooling deepfreezers will again provide you to store your meats throughout the months with the freshness and flavour of the first day as always. But is your deepfreezer ready for the Feast of the Sacrifice? Uğur Cooling recommends you to clean up your deepfreezer and reorganize it and make space before the feast. Cleaning of the deepfreezer can be done easily and practically.

  • First pull the plug of your deepfreezer and do not plug in again until the cleaning is completed.
  • Empty the deepfreezer completely. Take the all boxes and all pre-stored foods out.
  • Wash your boxes in hand or in the dishwasher. Take a look at the foods you pre-stored: If you notice any color and texture change, it means that the shelf life of the food reached the end. Especially have a look at the food you have stored for a long time.
  • After you empty the deepfreezer completely, clean the inside of it nicely with solution you prepared beforehand and with a microfiber cloth. For the solution, half liter of clean water and vinegar in half tea cup will be enough. If it is possible, add this mixture into a spray bottle and spray and then wipe off with a cloth.
  • When your work is over, the deepfreezer should be completely dry. Do not allow any corners to remain moist and / or wet. Vinegar is an acidic liquid and if it does not get dry completely, it may damage the deepfreezer. Alternatively, you can use carbonate instead of vinegar.
  • After the deepfreezer is completely dry, start to place the boxes first and then the new foods and meats that you will store, in. Finally, plug in again.
To obtain maximum storage space and cooling efficiency, while storing the meat of the sacrificed animal and other foods:

  • Store your meats in small pieces and portions that you can consume at a time. Thus, it will be possible to defrost the amount that you will consume.
  • You should store your meat by putting them in a plastic package first (freezer bags are suitable for this job) and then by wrapping them with aluminum foil. Thus, it is possible to get practical and efficient storage.
  • Try to make the meat packages as flat as possible. There should be no air and space in the package. The meats stored in this way freeze quicker and maintain freshness for a longer time.
  • You can store the red meats in the Uğur Cooling deepfreezers for 8 months with the freshness of the first day. For ogran meats, this time is less and the average time is about 2 months.