The Fresh is Here and The Storage Process is in Uğur

      In recent day, ‘The Fresh is Here and The Storage Process is in Uğur’ activities organized by Uğur Cooling, Turkey’s first and biggest producer of deepfreezers, in İzmir / Bostanlı and Aydın/Nazilli district bazaars continues in 13 different locations without slowing down.

     As it is known, employees of Uğur Cooling in this event visit the bazaars and the sellers with empty bazaar tags. These tags with Uğur Cooling logo and with the slogan of ‘The Fresh is Here and The Storage Process is in Uğur’ are distributed to the sellers by writing sometimes prices and sometimes pleasant messages on them. Employees of Uğur Cooling who come together with the stand owners and the people and give short messages about the benefits of storing the foods and nutritions in deepfreezer, also talk about the importance of the fresh consumption of nutritions and the benefits of using the deepfreezer. In this way, both sellers and the people learn that they can store the food and nutritions they bought from the district bazaars during the seasons with the freshness of the first day, they do not have to limit their eating habits in accordance with the seasons, they can retrench bazaar costs because they will not have to shop continuously and they can store their pulses healthy and delicious by protecting them from the insects. ‘The Fresh is Here and The Storage Process is in Uğur’ activity also expresses that you can save money by keeping foods purchased at affordable prices for a long time.

     This pleasant and useful activity is reorganized in 13 different locations. Activities organized in Gebze, Pendik, Giresun, Trabzon, Samsun, Ordu, Erzurum, Malatya, K.Maraş, Antep, Adana, İzmit and Maltepe between 4-28 August will provide the public’s awareness about the benefits of fresh food and the benefits of the long-term food storage. Uğur Cooling will continue to organize activities where people come together.